iPuke Inc

The history of our name is often a question people ask & this is to explain the beautiful process that brought us here! The website is the most recent venue (9/2014) and will eventually hold our blog, both Etsy shops and our infant gastrointestinal disorder support website www.refluxrebels.com

The birth of my daughter had been 15 years in waiting.  Jadon's first year involved multiple hospital admissions as we battled severe GERD (EERD for her) and it's complications. It was apparent that I had to quit working and be at home with her & the apnea monitor. Most reflux babies projectile vomit (hence the name iPuke) - while I was "lucky" not to have that problem, Jadon choked on her vomit and refused to let it out, this would cause occasional blue spells.

In addition to her struggles with GERD she has SPD, OCD and high functioning autism. This has augmented our shop as I learn tools to help her cope & then offer them for sale here.

Our past struggles with GERD will forever hold a tearful place in my heart - as an outlet for this I have refluxrebels.com my website to help other families know more about this condition. In an effort to help my site pay for itself, I decided to create iPuke on Etsy which has become a wonderful new addition.

It wasn't long before we realized that other crafters needed the supplies we use. The newest shop provides high quality crafting supplies often used for infant items. The name iPukeBig (on Etsy) came from one rare occasion that my daughter did vomit at age 2... in the car... her entire stomach... she smiled at me and said, "Mom! I puke big!"

My Mom has come alongside of me to help grow this unexpected child to whatever it's future holds. We have over 95 combined years of sewing experience and value quality. Custom orders are always welcome and one of a kind items are our specialty.

Thanks for visiting :)