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Large Wooden Car VW Beetle

Large Wooden Car VW Beetle

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This wooden VW Bug is handmade & hand sanded by our shop.

A maple hardwood push, grasp & take along with!

Maple is naturally non-toxic, anti-bacterial, and allergy free.

Measures 6" x 4" and is 3/4" in thickness, with a 1 1/2" hole.  The wheels have a hole in the center. They are attached to the car body with an axle that goes through the center of the wheel. The axle is flared so that the wheel cannot slide off it. The body of the car has a drilled hole to match the axle size. We put a little bit of non-toxic Elmer's wood glue that is water resistant into the hole and then hammer in the axle.

Easily throw into your diaper bag for those emergencies when baby is bored.

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