Fabric Knot Necklace DIY

Posted by Sandy Sundlov on 10/23/2016 to Tutorials
Here's a video tutorial for those fabulous teething, breast feeding, baby wearing Mom necklaces!
It's our top seller on Amazon and we sell the wood products here for creating you very own to keep, gift or sell!

Shorten your child's necklace.

Posted by Administrator on 3/18/2015 to Tutorials
A quick video of how to shorten our silicone chewing necklace. CLICK HERE


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Welcome to our online store

Posted by on 6/4/2014 to News

Welcome to our online store!

Simplicity meets creativity ~ we carry many crafting supplies and even sell some of our own handmade items!

Maple - hardwood

Organic - all natural

Wooden beads - unfinished

Wooden rings - toss rings - craft rings

Huge grommets - size #2